Let the grandeur of granite elevate your everyday!

Stone Valley Granite's delivers world class products handpicked and sourced from our artisans to meet the nuanced tastes and the growing requirements of the people.

India is a country predominantly known for its extensive collection of granites. And with each passing year, we can witness the growth of the industry reaching tremendous heights. Till date, there are about 2000 different varieties of granites available in the market and the industry promises good growth in the upcoming years as well.

Stone Valleys, we implement stringent quality control measures, which ensure that our customers have access to products of the highest grade and quality. Our products are customised to cater to the needs of clients all over the world. A well-reputed name in the granite business, Stone Valleys takes pride in emerging as a successful exporter of natural stones.


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  • The Art Technology
  • Quality Control
  • International Markets
  • Customer Support

Our packages are curated and customized according to the product so as to ensure the safe delivery of the same. The product photos will also be sent to the client before dispatch to obtain their approval. Stone Valley is able to deliver its numerous clients with marble tiles as well as blocks and slabs made of stone and onyx. Moreover, the company exports high-quality Indian granite, marble and quartz to more than 20 countries worldwide. Therefore, it has made and maintained the long-term bonds with worldwide partners on a strong ‘stone’ basis.

Let’s take a peek into what goes into making the world’s best granite products.

We tend to stay above the emerging trends by staying up-to-date with the technologies. The world is innovating and creating at an unbelievable speed hence we invest good amount and time in emerging technologies. Our committed and efficient staff help us in this aspect as well.

In our constant strive for excellence; we have laid down some solid quality control measures in place which has helped us ensure the delivery of excellent products to our clients.

Our products have made their presence in different parts of the world and our clients continue to act as brand ambassadors of our products by vouching for us.

As with any product delivery, the process continues to ensure that the feedback from the client is taken and measures are taken to improve on the same. Our dedicated team of professionals, often make visits to the client’s place and ensure that they take the first-hand opinion from the customers.

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